The #tda2014 Sudanese journey continues

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Our second rest day has come and gone and so has yet another Sudanese amusement park. Camping next to a no longer working ferris wheel has become the norm. Atbara was our rest day destination and the group had the opportunity to check out the rarely visited Pyramids of Meroe. There was a bustling outdoor food market where we had dinner. I had falafel, rice and baklava for about $1.

photo 1We had quite the adventure getting to and from dinner as we had to cross a sketchy train bridge on foot. There were 3 sections of the bridge – an automobile lane going in each direction and train tracks in the middle. The lanes were just big enough for one vehicle so we had to flatten against the fencing to let the cars pass or we had to take up the entire lane and run behind the cars. I would have taken a photo to illustrate but we were advised upon our arrival in Sudan not to photograph bridges. Luckily there was a local guy walking on the bridge on the way back and we just followed his lead. He was chatting to us in Arabic and we were answering in English but we were all speaking the universal language of laughter at the odd situation.


Coming into Atbara, Justin and I had the chance to ride together and Randy was kind enough to document the moment. The couples that sweep together, stay together….right?

Flagging tapeAfter 8 stages of paved roads we are in for a bumpy ride during the open desert crossing. 6 days of sand and dirt roads are in our future so there has been a flurry of tire changing. There won’t be nearly as many coke stops in the next stretch – the best one to date was the finish line of the Stage 7 race. It was basically someone’s house that happened to have a deep freezer with sodas. They let us hang out out there for a good portion of the day and even use their cots for afternoon naps. They watched us like a TV show and I’m pretty sure they were sad to see us go. I’m getting used to having an audience and shaving my legs at the amusement park is no exception. If you don’t hear from me in 6 days them it’s safe to assume I am wandering the desert and hopefully have been adopted by a nice camel family.

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Nice pictures and good descriptions. I feel like I am there…oh wait, my back doesn’t ache, no sunburn… HA

Have fun!

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