The World of Sevens (7)


Merapi_and_6_other_Volcanoes_in_Java_IndonesiaThe Trans Oceania is the last of the 7th Epics in Tour d’Afrique Ltd’s repertoire. It is therefore only appropriate that this 7th Epic should traverse a country – Timore Leste – which traces its ancestry ” back to the seven sisters who came down to earth from the sun for a bath.  A lustful man watched as they bathed, and hid the most beautiful sister’s robes.  Naked and ashamed, she was left behind, and eventually became mother of the Timorese people. The number seven permeates Timor. Their sacred swords have seven lines, special rituals are carried out every seven years, and seven also symbolizes completion of the human life cycle; from birth, through childhood and adulthood, to marriage and the cultivation of wisdom, and finally death and the emerging of the soul back into the universe.” (© Lonely Planet Indonesia 2011)

THE-OFFICIAL-NEW7WONDERS-OF-THE-WORLD1So what is it about the number 7 that make so many human activities revolve around it? We have 7 days in the week, the 7th being a day of rest in Judeo Christian religions. There are 7 continents. In the world of mysticism there are 7 Heavens, 7 Sacred Teachings and 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga. Who has not heard of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World, the 7 Wonders of the Natural world and the 7 Seas? The list goes on: 7 Pillars of Wisdom, 7 Ages of Man, 7 Pillars of Health, the world was created in 7 day, the 7 Chakras, the 7 Deadly Sins and 7 Levels of Hell.

Lance Amstrong won 7 titles of the most prestigious bike event in the world (7 deceitful ways to win the Tour de France?). That brings us to the question we are often asked – how do I train for the 7Epics with everything else going on in my life? Well, by reading a wonderful blog called “7 ways to fit cycle training around a busy week” written by Rebecca Ramsey who obviously knows much more about training that I will ever know.

TDA_giraffe_image_v1Of course, while training may be very important within the scope of 7’s, I think the more important element may be the 7 reasons why you should take a long distance cycling tour such as the Trans-Oceania. Another vital aspect would be the 7 ways to bring along the right attitude. Unfortunately, I have not written that blog yet.

Take 7 seconds and sign up for the 7EPICS.

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