UPDATED January 22, 2015

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Trans-Oceania

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UPDATED January 22, 2015

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Trans-Oceania

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The verdict is in!

The cyclists of the 2014 Trans-Oceania have been busy filling out their post-tour rider surveys and have decided that their experience was….amazing!

2014-11-09 08.41.02

What an incredible adventure the riders enjoyed! Sure there were obstacles, tough days, crazy weather conditions, days when the logistics went haywire due to no fault of the TDA. N0 matter, the tough days build character, and for every obstacle the creative TDA team managed to find a solution. Each day we arrived at our intended destination. We had the unique privilege of cycling on many Indonesian roads that were well off the beaten path, roads that few have ever cycled on. Thank you TDA it was a great ride!”

“The hardest part of a TDA trip is having the courage to sign up. Action, adventure, thrilling cycling in far off lands most people only ever dream about await. You will be challenged and rewarded far beyond your wildest dreams…”

– Chris Wille 2014

2014-11-09 09.50.29

In Indonesia the unexpectedness of what was around the next bend, what we saw! Coming up to the crater rim and looking down the cliffs into the Tengger Caldera, just took your breath away, completely unexpected. And then to descend into the crater and travel through the volcanic sand past the active Bromo volcano was a magic experience.

The Trans Oceania was a great experience. In Indonesia so much was so unexpected, the terrain, the vegetation, the cities and towns, the people so friendly and tolerant. The Australian stages included a full cross section of what OZ is all about. The tropics, the Outback, the coastal sub-tropics, the country towns and the capital cities, the beaches, the birds and animals. From the characters in an Outback pub to all the sophistication of Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.”

– Brett Lanham 2014

2014-11-09 08.41.11

It is wonderful to discover Indonesia and Australia by bike. Very nice landscapes in Java concerning the volcanoes especially Bromo. Meet the very kind Indonesian people. See the most of the famous animals in Australia and discover the Australian wines and the marvelous “Great Ocean”. And of course a good support from the TDA’s team.”

– Eric Beurton 2014

2014-11-09 08.53.52

Tough cycling over the volcanic Indonesian islands balanced by the wonderful, exotic people and friendly greetings in every village, followed by a second, completely different tour taking in the remarkable sights of Australia and the vast distances between them.”

– Paul Clarke 2014

2014-11-09 08.51.43

“Great choice of roads in Indonesia, friendly staff, good fun overall.”

– Gerald Coniel 2014

2014-11-09 09.47.28

“It’s a great way to experience Australia – on the bike you’re part of it rather than an onlooker. A flight into Alice Springs simply doesn’t compare with four weeks riding the Stuart Highway to understand the vastness and harshness of the Outback. And then the diversity of the country around the coast and in and out of major cities. You finish the ride with a great appreciation and wonderful memories of the country. The hardships en route are now accomplishments and you have a host new friends with whom you have shared the adversity. And on top of that, you finish fit and healthy.”

– Rae Simpson 2014


Check it out for yourself. Registration for the 2016 Trans-Oceania is now open!


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All of the comments are by men who did the 2014 tour. It would be interesting to hear a woman’s perspective on that tour!

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