UPDATED September 16, 2015

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Silk Route

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UPDATED September 16, 2015

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, Silk Route

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Silk Route Riders Speak Out

A roller coaster of ride with loads of gears, beers, and a few tears with plenty of hills, thrills and some spills, but all in all an awesome adventure of a life time, one that anyone can conquer with a positive mental attitude!!” – Gary Thompson (UK)


Endless up hills, rapid down hills, polluted air, stony roads, feelings of happiness on the saddle, strange habits of eating, riding in the slipstream, sleepless nights, new friendships, barking dogs, camping in the rain, exciting meetings with local people, hot deserts, three weeks without beer, 7 unknown countries, indulge in the hamam, horn blasting trucks, fascinating landscapes, a lot of flat tires…” Frieder Wolfart (Switzerland)


Life changing, physically demanding, a greater understanding of how most of the world lives, a greater understanding of myself. I’m so glad I did it.” “One of the most intense adventure I ever did. Extraordinary sceneries, cheerful staff, awesome group. This is a mental, emotional and physical journey that you will never forget” – Francois-Louis Comyn (France)


If you are out of shape, have health issues but want to take control of your life……I highly recommend this tour. I lost 35 pounds and 4 inches around the waist…..right on target with my expectations! Downside: I had to get a new wardrobe!….not too hard to take.” – Daniel Blachut (Canada)


The Silk Route is spending long days in the saddle, early morning sunrises, surprising food, producing talent shows, speeding down mountainsides, swimming in the Black Sea, holding down my tent with my weight in a wind storm when I didn’t nail it down with pegs, asking for help and painting.”

Across the plateau in China

Yes, the longest, hardest, hottest, etc., but that is what is fantastic about the route and through some of the most exotic places on the planet.” – Ron Jewula (Canada)

Bernard 3HuiTricycle

If somebody wants to have a great experience he should do the Pamir Highway and the Hills of Anatolia, if he would get to know his limits, he should do the Golden Road and the Garden of Eden. It was great! Thank you” – Elsbeth Vontobel (Switzerland)

Bernard 5RouteCorridorRe_

Check it out for yourself. Registration is now open for the new & improved 2016 Silk Route.

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I got back from riding Beijing to Gorno-Altysk about 4 months ago. It’s now Halloween and I look back and wonder how on earth did I mangage to ride across China, Mongolia and into Russia. The ride challenged my physical capacity and I succeeded and rode through many different landscapes. I did not expect to ride through a sandstorm but I did. In western Mongolia I preferred riding uphill to riding downhill because the roads were so challenging. In Russia I enjoyed the return to paved roads. I saw the countryside from a sedate pace and enjoyed the many changing and exotic landscapes. The ride lives on in my memory and stands out in my mind as an unexpected and exciting accomplishment.

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