Cycling the Silk Route: Part 2 of our 9-Part YouTube Series


Last Friday in our monthly newsletter we announced the release of the second in our series Cycling the Silk Route – a 9-part YouTube series. During each of the coming months, we will be releasing one episode each month. The best way to make sure you don’t miss it is to sign up to our monthly newsletter where the official release happens.

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Part 2: Ulan Bator to Gorno Altaysk

On the section known as the Mongol Empire, riders soon leave any trace of urban life behind as they pedal west into the Mongol steppe and eventually into the more mountainous Russian Altai Republic and its capital Gorno-Altaysk. This is the Mongolia many people imagine; vast rolling steppes, coated in green, dotted with traditional yurts surrounded by nomadic livestock and back-dropped by snow-capped mountains. The cycling will be tough but immensely rewarding. Nights will be spent tenting under the immense open skies and days churning through the gorgeous countryside.

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