UPDATED May 31, 2018

BY The TDA Team

IN Bamboo Road, Company, Staff Picks

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UPDATED May 31, 2018

BY The TDA Team

IN Bamboo Road, Company, Staff Picks

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Bamboo Road 2019 – 5 Exciting Changes To The Route

Ever since we first announced the Bamboo Road Cycling Expedition six years ago, it has been one our most popular tours. The reviews from the riders in 2013, 2015 & 2017 have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. And why not? The route takes riders to some of the world’s greatest cities – Hong Kong, Hanoi, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur & Singapore. Cyclists ride along the shores of the mighty Mekong River and into the incredible temple complex of Angkor Wat. They get to explore some of the planet’s tastiest cuisines and encounter the region’s fascinating mix of cultures.

>>Check out all the prices, dates, and details here

At TDA Global Cycling we are always looking for ways to improve our trips and so for the 2019 Bamboo Road we have come up with 5 changes to the route. We are very excited about them and hope you are too.

Taiwan Start

The biggest change to the Bamboo Road in 2019 is at the start. Instead of beginning our Asian cycling adventure in Shanghai, we decided to move it to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. This compact island has it all – colourful temples, vibrant night markets, soothing hot springs and friendly people. The scenery is outstanding – tropical rainforests, stunning gorges, rumbling volcanoes, towering sea cliffs and incredible ocean views. Our route will circumnavigate the island, including the unspoiled east coast with its picturesque fishing villages and endless beaches and coastline.

>>Check out the dates and prices for the ‘Taiwan Coastal Loop’ section of the 2019 Bamboo Road

Scenic Route In China

From Hong Kong riders will now transfer to the scenic town of Guilan. There they will enjoy the beautiful surroundings – towering karst mountains, winding rivers and verdant rice paddies. The cyclists then head southwest though peaceful rural villages and some of China’s most gorgeous countryside before rejoining the old Bamboo Road route in the ‘Green City’ of Nanning.

>>Check out the dates and prices for the ‘Mao & Tao‘ section of the 2019 Bamboo Road

More Cambodia, More Beach

We have changed the route between Siam Reap and Bangkok. It now heads south to Battambang, a laid-back riverside town with some incredible French colonial architecture and an emerging art scene. From there it continues into Thailand and Chanthaburi with its beautifully restored waterfront buildings and gemstone trading market. The route then heads west along the Gulf of Thailand and its stunning beaches, arriving in the glittering resort town of Pattaya before turning north to Bangkok.

>>Check out the dates and prices for the ‘Khmer Empire’ section of the 2019 Bamboo Road

Burma Day Trip

In Thailand, we have added a rest day in the small southern city of Ranong, set on the Andaman Sea and surrounded by mountains. Riders can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere or a soothing dip in the local hot springs but the real attraction is a possible day visit to Myanmar (Burma). Long tail boats make the run across the water to Kawthaung in about 30 minutes. There you can check out the incredible views from the Anandar Paya temple and just wander around enjoying the local atmosphere.

>>Check out the dates and prices for the ‘Thai One On’ section of the 2019 Bamboo Road

Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands

One of the attractions of cycling the Bamboo Road are the weather conditions – as a general rule, sunny and hot. A change of pace is always nice and after cycling in the humidity of southern Thailand, the riders will likely appreciate our new route through Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands. Situated between 1000 and 1500 m above sea level, the temperatures are pleasant and the scenery is remarkable – tea estates, waterfalls, forests, orchards, lakes and rivers.

>>Check out the dates and prices for the ‘Singapore Sling’ section of the 2019 Bamboo Road

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I have to say THIS is quite some improvements TDA has done for the better ,from the first trip ,you could also add a few kilometers in northern Laos ,
keep up the good work !!

andré marcoux

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