An Inside Look At The Journey To The East Cycling Tour


Scouting our upcoming tour in Korea and Japan, The Journey to the East, took place earlier this year. It was a real eye-opener to the amazing scenery and diversity of people and places along the route. The contrast between urban and rural is probably one of the most striking experiences from our scout and for the upcoming tour. That in such populated countries, with mega cities, there exists as well so much forest and quietude was a wonderful discovery for us.

Below are a few photos from along the route during our scouting experience. We are sure for those participating on the tour you will end up with hundreds of your own photos, as you cycle across the Far East.

Looking out towards downtown Seoul along the city bike path, which is closer to a bike highway. We’ll be riding along the path for a few days to start our trip!

Monastery by Yeoju on our first night of the tour.

A roadside wonder in southern interior of Korea.

One of the tombs of the ancient capital of Gyeong-ju in Korea. This “living” museum provides a look back in time to the Korean past.

Not a bad spot for a rest day. One of the beaches in Busan.

The fish market of Busan. Be sure to spend some time exploring there, and eating there of course. It’s the largest fish market in Korea, and you are certain to discover some species you never knew existed.

Parking Towers of Korea!

Arrival to Japan! The streets of Nagasaki.


One of the roads departing Nagasaki. A slightly flatter section of a very steep climb☺!

Our Scout team taking one of the inter-island ferries of Japan.

Japan has no shortage of roads like these☺!

Get ready for a selfie with the famous “peeing boy” in the Iya Valley.

When you need road side assistance in Japan, you may find your tow truck driver has brought some friends along for the ride.

One of the incredible lakes of the Aomori region.

It really is the “Wild Japan” section!

The water lilies of Fukushima District.

Welcome to Hokkaido!

The End!:)

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