UPDATED April 22, 2021

BY Eva Hoekstra

IN Cycle Touring Advice


UPDATED April 22, 2021

BY Eva Hoekstra

IN Cycle Touring Advice




When I first started at TDA Global Cycling about a year and a half ago, I wrote a blog about the most common questions I received from potential riders. As time has passed, some of those inquires have remained the same, while a few new ones have popped up.

We have created a video discussing the top five most frequently asked questions. Watch it here or continue below for more details.

#1 What bike should I use?

This really depends on the style of cycling you prefer, the kind of bike you are used to riding and which tour you are interested in. Overall, you will want a durable, comfortable bike that can handle a mix of terrain. Each tour page will have a recommended bicycle type and tire size. We also have an excellent blog all about choosing a bike for a long distance tour. Still not sure? Feel free to give us a shout.

#2 How do I prepare for my long distance cycling trip?

We have created an entire series on this topic – How to Prepare. There are many steps to take in order to get ready for a tour. At first, it can seem overwhelming but we break it down into a few simple sections. Our series covers everything from health preparation, gear, bikes, visas and more!

#3 What are the campsites like?

Not all of our tours involve camping but those that do often have a mix of fully equipped campsites with showers, electricity and maybe even a pool, along with some less ‘fancy’ ones. On our Expedition style tours there is something we call bush camping, which is pretty much what it sounds like. Think Crocodile Dundee style.  It’s best to email us if you want to know more about the campsites on a specific tour so we can let you know what to expect.

#4 When do I have to register?

It’s always great to sign up as early as you can. Once you register, your place is confirmed on the tour. About 8 months before the tour begins, you will start to receive periodic rider bulletins containing information to help you prepare for your ride. Of course, you can wait to sign up but keep in mind that many tours in the past have sold out! If you need to register closer to the tour’s start date, be sure to check the website to see if the tour still has space. You might also want to reach out to us to make sure you have enough time to get any visas you might need or to complete any other necessary preparations.

#5 Can I do it?

This question can be interpreted in different ways. It might be that you are concerned about your fitness level, or that you feel you are “getting too old” or maybe you have never cycled long distances before. One of my favourite parts of cycle touring as a whole, especially here at TDA, is that there are all kinds of different people who partake in cycling adventures. If you have the right attitude and determination to embark on this kind of adventure, than you can most likely do it! Of course, it’s best to prepare yourself, do some training and make sure you are in good health but, really, just get on your bike and ride, ride as often as you can! If you can pedal for a few hours a day and feel comfortable on your bike, you will likely succeed on a tour. Plus, it does help that our tours (except for Bikepacking) are fully supported. So if you do have a day where you just can’t get up that hill, don’t worry, we got you.

If you have a question that I didn’t mention here please email me anytime. I’m happy to chat.


i am 52 yrs old and in great shape, i traveled around the world 20 yrs ago for 4 yrs. I want to go on a large tour like the africa tour.. but i want to be with people age 45-60.
which is the best tour to be with people my age.
And which are your largest groups?

    Most of our tours contain riders in the age group you have mentioned so any one of the tours would be a possibility. Usually, the Tour d’Afrique has the largest number of riders.

What is the oldest age rider that you have had doing the longer tours.

    Hi Lorraine, we have had riders in their mid seventies join us on tours.

Are ebikes allowed on the South African Garden Tour?

    Unfortunately, while some of our tours are e-bike friendly, the Garden Route section of the Tour d’Afrique is not one of them.


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