UPDATED November 23, 2020

BY Shanny Hill

IN Cycle Touring Advice


UPDATED November 23, 2020

BY Shanny Hill

IN Cycle Touring Advice


Learn How to Prepare for a Tour with our new Series


Introducing How to Prepare – our 8-part online series designed to get you ready for your cycling adventure with us. This is a deep dive into all aspects of choosing and preparing for a long distance cycling tour.

Topics We Cover

  • Choosing a tour
  • Selecting the right bike
  • Getting travel insurance
  • How to apply for travel visas
  • What to pack
  • Bike handling skills
  • And much more…

There are psychological benefits to planning activities in the future, especially travel,… Future-oriented thinking is equated with proactive coping, a means of reducing stress through detailed planning, such as learning which flights to book to avoid layovers, and gathering the resources — including time and money — to make it happen… The pandemic, too, may have shown travelers that what they thought they could always do — namely, see the world — isn’t such a certainty” from Longer, Slower, Farther: Savoring the Prospects of Future Travel, New York Times

We see this time, when COVID-19 still controls much of our movement and travel choices, as a great opportunity to commit yourself to planning and preparing for your first cycling adventure with us. Over the next few months we will be highlighting each component of the 8-part series in our newsletter (subscribe here). But if you want to dive in and start right now, click here to review the series in full.

Please leave a comment or question below any of the blogs or videos. We have tried to be thorough but there is always more to learn, so let us know what you think we missed or suggest any other topics you would like us to cover.

How to Prepare

An 8 part series to get you ready for your first TDA tour. Click here to read more.

6 Comments for "Learn How to Prepare for a Tour with our new Series"

I’m just thinking about setting my bike up for touring

Can I use a voodoo hoodoo blue to start touring with

age brings some restrictions in terms of diet, fitness, difficulty. Often we over estimate our aging abilities as our minds and bodies age asynchronously .. some oldies have far greater endurance than younger folks but often oldies have some medical or dietary restrictions .. so what variations do your tours cater for ? For instance currently I can cycle 100k per day comfortably or jog/hike 30k. Can sleep in a tent as long as I have good air mattress to sleep on. Can survive on tuna & beans plus clean good water for 30+ days but need citrus fruit at least every 3 or 4 days ie lemons/limes/oranges + dried fruits like figs/currants and dark chocolate .. so far I have taken my own tours in USA Canada Europe and Australia but often get lonely and enjoy meeting other cyclists .. at 75 I’m interested in small mixed groups with minimal expectations.
I wonder if your tours can accommodate such requirements? thank you for reply

    Hi Ralph, You sound perfect for our cycling adventures. Our tours carry with them an expeditionary spirit. The group succeeds when everyone works together – staff and cyclists alike. We provide a framework of support (vehicle support, meals, sweep rider) but we expect you to set up your tent (on camping tours), carry your gear from the truck to your room (on hotel tours), change your own flat tires, and help your fellow cyclists when things don’t go as planned. We have riders from all around the world. For more information please email us at eva@tdaglobalcycling.com


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