UPDATED July 12, 2021

BY Shanny Hill

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UPDATED July 12, 2021

BY Shanny Hill

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Upcoming Tours Info Session – Your Questions, Answered


We want to thank everyone who attended the live event online on July 6. This was the first in what we hope will be a series of events open to anyone with pressing questions about our upcoming tours. We had a large turnout and lots of really good questions. Please watch the video or scroll down to read a selection of the questions and answers along with some relevant links to find out more information. As always we look forward to hearing from you and stay tuned for more online info sessions later in the year.

Are safety vests mandatory?

No, but we highly recommend them due to the increased visibility and safety they provide. There are also a few countries on our tours in Europe where high visibility vests are required on certain roads.

Our TDA Starter Kit is an excellent resource with loads of info on what to pack.

What bike should I choose?

This blog and video is a thorough answer to that popular question. Eva also answers the question in this video too.

What if it rains or gets very cold?

We ride rain or shine and try to keep to our schedule, but there is always the option to catch a ride in our support vehicles if you need to. This is space dependent and we give priority to sick or injured riders but there is usually opportunities to get a lift on a typical day. We also provide a detailed set of recommendations on what clothing to pack so you are prepared for the elements.

How hard is it to complete the daily distances?

Most able bodied adults are capable of covering 100 km in a day even if they have never done that sort of distance before. We have a great blog about this here. If you are having a hard time completing a particular stage, we can transport you to (or from) the midway roadside lunch stop, or all the way ahead to the next camp or hotel. We always encourage people, if they are feeling healthy, to attempt to ride at least half the day’s distance. In time, everyone will build up the fitness to be able to cover the full day’s distance.

Will Silk Route and Tour d’Afrique run again? And when?

Yes, we are committed to running these tours when it is safe and logistically possible to do so. Currently they are both scheduled to run in 2022. For the Tour d’Afrique there is a high likelihood that some changes will be necessary in order to make it possible to run. We will be announcing those changes soon. For the Silk Route, changes are also very likely but it’s too early to say for sure.

Why are the luggage rules so restrictive?

This is to ensure that everyone is treated equally, that we have enough space, and that our staff aren’t overly burdened carrying heavy bags. Our experienced returning riders know that ‘less is more’ and they learn quickly that there is enough space for everything within the bag limits we set. We also send out a packing list in an email bulletin to registered riders closer to the tour which explains what you do and don’t need.

This is a great video on how to pack.

Travel Insurance: Can I still get insurance post-Covid?

The short answer is yes. More and more insurance options do exist that cover covid-related medical costs while abroad. These policies do have limitations in terms of what sort of trip interruption / cancelation insurance they include.

Further reading: Travel Insurance for Cyclists in the Time of COVID-19

What is the Morocco tour that you mentioned?

This will be approximately one month long starting spring 2022, and will be a loop starting and ending in Casablanca. It will cover many of the highlights of this country: Fez, Tangiers, Atlas Mountains, Agadir and more. It will be a combination of gravel and paved roads, and we will be camping with hotels on the rest days. The announcement for this is expected sometime this summer. Stay tuned.

Do people ride in groups?

This is entirely up to you. We have a support system in place but there is lots of freedom built in for you to ride at your own pace, with others, or by yourself.

Will I be the slowest rider?

This is often a big concern. We have people with a wide variety of fitness levels and endurance. You are likely not going to be the slowest but we do have a ‘sweep’ rider who rides at the end so no one is left behind and no one will feel pressure to try and keep up.

Further reading: A Day in the Life on Our Supported Cycling Tours


We hope you found some answers to questions that were on your mind. We are here to help if you have more to ask. If you are already registered for a tour and have some questions please contact Michael Coo, our registered rider support person, or contact Eva Hoekstra if you are new to the company or thinking about a tour but have some questions before you register.

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