UPDATED December 31, 2023

BY The TDA Team

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UPDATED December 31, 2023

BY The TDA Team

IN Company

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Staff Picks: Top Ten Blogs Of 2023


In 2023 our talented staffers, in the office and in the field, as well as a few guest authors, put together an impressive body of work, tackling such subjects as aging, bread, museums, wabi-sabi, tubeless tires and much, much more.

We recently posted the 10 most popular blogs from 2023, in terms of readership, but here we present our staff’s favourite blogs from the past 12 months.

Henry Gold (Founder)

Chardy, Champers & Plonk: Australian Pubs & Breweries On The Trans-Oceania Cycling Tour

For bringing up memories of why I enjoyed cycling in Australia.

Cycling Through The ‘Land Of The Monks’ On The Trans-Himalaya Adventure

For capturing what makes the Trans Himalaya tour so special.

Shanny Hill (Marketing Manager)

Scouting The Route Of The 2023 Ruta Maya Cycling Adventure

Cris wrote a great piece reminding us of how the Ruta Maya began and what to expect for the re-launched tour.

Local Bikes In Africa: An Appreciation

We see bicycles getting so much use on different parts of our tour through Africa and they deserved a blog to highlight their many varied uses.

Miles MacDonald (Operations Manager)

The Gem Of The Spiti Valley Or Why To Never Skip Dinner

A great example of the unexpected discoveries which bring joy and inspire us to keep journeying.

Going to the Moon, Great Cycling Tours and Expedition Behaviour

Great advice from founder Henry Gold on how to contribute to the overall success of a tour.

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Micah Markson (Office Tech Wizard)

Nine Days Of Namibian Dirt

While many TDA riders prefer paved roads, I myself seek out dirt whenever possible… So it is always nice to hear about riders figuring out how to enjoy the rough stuff!

Tubeless On Tour – Everything You Need To Know

These days it is highly likely that your bike shop will tell you that you must use tubeless tires – I hope that this blog post was able to explain the reasons why you should – or shouldn’t.

Olha Kurochkina (Office Manager)

Finding My Ikigai: Cycling In Japan

I liked Henry’s article about ikigai because there are so many wise thoughts and quotations that definitely push you to think about your own sense of life.

Türkiye: Embracing the Entire Silk Route

I really like Turkiye and would also like to discover it by bike one day.

Michael Coo (Customer Service Manager)

The Culture of Uzbekistan – Breaking Bread On The Silk Route

Bread is life and in this insightful article, Nick Coe explains the historical connection that Uzbekistan has with that vital food.

What’s It Like To Be A Vegetarian On A TDA Cycling Tour

I eat meat but this deep dive into a vegetarian’s experience on tour by TDA field staffer Tim Millikin gives a great idea of what to expect and the efforts the tour staff make to ensure everyone enjoys a great meal.

Cristiano Werneck (South & Central American Project Manager)

Tour Of Freaks: Part Expedition, Part Social Experiment., Part Madness

I always saw the long tours, especially, as a social experiment!

What Time Is It? The Past, Present & Future On Cycling Tours

I can just relate to all of those feelings about time on tour. I remember on the ‘Where Are You Go’ movie when the one guy says the tour feels like a time warp.


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