UPDATED January 17, 2023

BY The TDA Team


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UPDATED January 17, 2023

BY The TDA Team


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Top 10 Blogs Of 2022: Staff Picks


In 2022 our talented staffers, in the office and in the field, pumped out over 100 entertaining blogs on subjects ranging from tips for climbing hills to e-bikes, baobabs, pirates, ostriches and pretty much everything in between.

We recently posted the 10 most popular blogs from 2022, in terms of readership, but here we are revealing the TDA staff’s favourite blogs from this past year. Let us know in the comments section if you have any you would like to add! Enjoy…

Miles MacDonald (Operations Manager)

5 Tips To Stay Positive On A Bike Tour

An important subject for anyone wanting to do a long distance bicycle tour.

A Door To The Sudan: Nubia’s Colourful Welcome

A great introduction and motivation to visit the region.

Shanny Hill (Marketing Manager)

Camping On The Tour d’Afrique: A Mystical Experience

This was a very popular behind the scenes post…

Reconciliations In Whitehorse

A good one from Henry…

Henry Gold (Founder)

I like these two blogs for the same reason. They capture the simplicity of the tours, it is the simple things in life, cycling the unknown roads that create the magic. And happiness.”

Fog, Friendship, Freemasons & Kings In Exile – Arctic Spirit

The Magic Of The Mundane

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Micah Markson (Tech Wizard)

Tour d’Afrique: A Culinary Exposé

A bit of insight into the preparation of vast quantities of food in the middle of nowhere.

Michael Coo (Office Manager)

The Roads Of Baja California

A wonderful piece on unexpected discoveries and hidden histories.

Hitchhiking Through Europe & The TDA Pub Ride: A Pub To Pub Story

Henry’s blog on his youthful experiences in Europe are sure to bring back fond memories to many of us.

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